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Складские паллетные стеллажи
Складские паллетные стеллажи
Фронтальные стеллажи
Складские фронтальные стеллажи
Фронтальные стеллажи
Складские паллетные стеллажи
Складские фронтальные стеллажи
Складские фронтальные стеллажи
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  • Pallet rack is a common name for the universal design of racks with a high load capacity (up to 21 tons per frame) used for storing commodities on pallets. These include mezzanines, drive-in, warehouse and front racks. Pallet racks are used in warehouses and industrial premises, logistic and distribution centers, wholesale bases, etc.


    Most often, the term “pallet” means rack with front loading, the main elements of which served as a basis for creating other types of warehouse structures.

    Front racks are the best option for installation in quick-turnover warehouses with several weeks storage, as they provide unhindered access to each pallet.

    стеллажи фронтальные купить в харьковаIf you decide to buy pallet racks, the price will depend on many factors, including the traverses used, the type of cover, and the carrying capacity of the rack.


    The main elements of pallet racks

    стойки стеллажей фронтальных паллетных харьковFrame is a pre-fabricated assembly of two vertical racks joined together by horizontal and diagonal balks.

    “Ipris-Profil” LLC manufactures racks of 4 standard sizes: IR-50, IR-70, IR-90, IR-110.

    Racks are selected in each case individually, based on the height and carrying capacity of the rack. Racks are an open profile of complex shape with holes at 50 mm c/c, for the installation of the traverse on the hooks. Front racks with an one-piece stand can reach a height of 14 meters.

    The prices depend on the racks’ covering that is determined by the customer.


    – the racks can be made of black metal-roll with the subsequent application of powder paint, which protects the product from corrosion;

    – the racks can be made of galvanized coiled stock.

    траверсы к паллетным стеллажамTraverses are horizontal beams with hooks, of different length and section. While attaching them to the racks they form rack sections. The distance between the tiers is regulated by the rearrangement of the traverse at 50 mm c/c.

    Traverses are necessarily painted in bright colors, so when loading the goods, the auto-loader driver clearly sees the tier and avoids collisions with the rack.


    The length of the traverse depends on the characteristics of the goods and is calculated individually. For pallet storage, the traverses can be made with the length corresponding to the placement of 2, 3, 4 pallets.

    We are constantly working on improving the design of shelving, so we developed Z-traverses to reduce metal consumption and to abandon the transverse beams used for the installation of shelves (the options for the shelves can be found here).

    In the construction of racks for tires tube traverses of circular section are used. They prevent rolling out and jamming of tires.

    In some cases, using traverses I-beam is more rational.

    The main elements, from which the front pallet racks are assembled, allow you to change the height between the tiers and increase the length of the row with minimal time and at the same time maximize the entire volume of the warehouse, leaving the passage for storage equipment directly in the rack, and not leaving the working corridors along the walls.

    Фронтальные стеллажи с проездом Иприс-Профиль Харьков Изготовление стеллажей - Иприс-Профиль, Харьков

    To protect the shelves from damage that might be caused by loading equipment, crash barriers are used: for corners, also an arrow-headed crash barrier, and raw flat end protection.

    The rigidity of the construction of high racks is esnured by the installation of diagonal systems.

    Защита стеллажей от Иприс-Профиль, ХарьковTo protect the walls from damage, we offer a specially developed protection system.








    Advantages of pallet racks with front loading:

    • Simplicity of assembly/disassembly and operation activity;
    • The possibility of changing the length of the row, the number of tiers without disturbing the structure;
    • The possibility of using lower levels for shelf storage and manual handling of goods;
    • Effective inventory control;
    • Easy access to the product at any time;
    • The possibility of manufacturing with individual characteristics (selectable row length, rack height and load capacity).

    Front pallet racks are installed:

    – in a single-row (wall-mounted);

    – with double rows;

    – with double depth. This design allows to increase the effective area of the warehouse, but requires the availability of a telescopic loader.

     стеллажи паллетные от производителя Иприс-Профиль Стеллаж паллетный 'Иприс-Профиль' Складские стеллажи Иприс-Профиль

    The width of the passages between the shelves and the method of installation are determined from the turnover of the warehouse and the type of loading equipment.

    Also in the warehouse, you can combine front racks with other types of shelving.

    Why ordering of racks from the manufacturer brings its benefits?

    Production facilities of the enterprise “Ipris-Profil” allow you to fulfill urgent orders without shifting the time of planned orders production.

    Experienced technologists will propose the most optimal arrangement of shelves taking into account the configuration of the premises, efficient location and spacing of the entire volume, separation of the receipt/shipment zones and order picking. In addition, you will communicate with a dedicated project manager that will help you to choose the optimal design and will monitor all processes, from the creation of the shelving, to its installation on the site.

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