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    The mezzanine rack is a multi-tiered structure with staircases and passages so the workers could move around the warehouse and machinery.


    мезонинный стеллаж Иприс Профильmdf_1

    Thanks to the multi-tier system mezzanines have such advantages:

    • Efficient use of the warehouse height;
    • Convenient placement, storage, and handling of goods.

     The number of tiers depends on the product range, height of ceilings, and characteristics of the rack, on the basis of which the mezzanine will be assembled (see “Characteristics” section).

    Two-tier racks can be used not only to accommodate racks and order batching areas, but also to create an administrative zone with a fully-featured office space.

    You can also order the mezzanine as a separate platform. In this case, the flooring is installed on columns.

    Mezzanines are demountable racks, consisting of:

    • Frames or columns, the height of which determines the height of the rack;
    • Traverses (horizontal beams);
    • Struts to ensure the rigidity of the structure;
    • Floorings;
    • Stairs;
    • Fences (handrails, loading gates).

    The price for mezzanines depends on the number of listed elements and is calculated individually.

    Mezzanines are assembled on the basis of pallet, shelf or cantilever racks. That is why, the design of the mezzanine can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Mezzanines allow to solve the tasks of processing, distribution, and storage of goods that can not be performed using other types of warehouse equipment.


    Mezzanine design and manufacture

    Mezzanines are designed and manufactured on request, based on the required technical data for a particular room, taking into account the parameters of the goods, the equipment used, and goods turnover.

    “Ipris-Profil” experts will help you to buy mezzanines in Ukraine. We will prepare an estimation for you, which includes the mezzanine’s cost, layout of the elements of rack construction, turnaround time.

  • Rack heightup to 12000 mm
    Section lengthup to 4000 mm
    Section depthup to 2000 mm
    Load on storage tierup to 4000 kg
    Number of tiersBetween 2 and 4
    Number of tiers on one levelBetween 2 and 10
    Corridor widthBetween 800 mm and 4000 mm
    Tier rearrangement intervals50 mm
    Load per 1 m2 of flooringup to 1000 kg
  • Mezzanines floorings can be manufactured from:


    • MDF/OSB boards;


    • expanded metal sheet;


    • galvanized metal grating.

    mpr Warehouse racks are often installed on the upper tiers of mezzanines to handle cargo manually. The shelves of these racks can serve as:

    • wood laminated plastic sheet on cross beams. In such shelves, the butt of wood laminated plastic is hidden behind the level of traverse;dsp_balki_poperechnye_vlojennye
    • wood laminated plastic sheet on the cross beams, with the use of which the sheet is located on both beams and traverses;


    • a set of metal shelves on stepped traverses.


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