Drive-in racks

Drive-in racks

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Набивные стеллажи Иприс-Профиль
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  • Drive-in pallet racking helps to reduce the warehouse space for storing goods with a long or unlimited expiry date due to the high density for storage of pallet freight.

    Drive-in racks are installed in premises with an artificial microclimate (refrigerating sections, freezing warehouses), in customs terminals and industrial units.



    Набивной стеллаж Иприс-Профиль




    Single entry racks (LIFO principle). Such racks can be loaded and unloaded only on one side.

    Double entry racks (FIFO principle). The loading and unloading zones in such racks are made in opposite sides.

    Pallets with freight are installed in drive-in racks starting from the upper tier, gradually dropping to the lower one. Unloading is done in reverse order. The hallmark of these racks is that the storage equipment can work inside the racking system.

    Стеллаж LIFO от Иприс-ПрофильСтеллаж FIFO от Иприс-Профиль

    The design of drive-in racks is demountable. Racks are installed as one unit, providing the necessary safety margin for each stacking (these parameters will be different according to material stored). Accordingly, the price for racks will be different.

    Drive-In Racks Manufacturing

    The base of drive-in racks consists of front rack frames. Depending on the load, the cross-section of the racks is chosen among IR-70, IR-90 or IR-110 types. Pallets are installed in a row on special lodgment. The lodgments by “Ipris-Profil” are rolled products up to 12 meters long.

    The rack is fixed to the floor by anchor bolts and equipped with struts for rigidity and stability. In addition, we supplement the design of the drive-in rack with skid baulk.

    Freight is placed on European (EUR) or Finnish (FIN) pallets. For loads that are larger than standard pallets, you can install drive-in racks with wider banks. In this case, we suggest to order the production of metal baulks.

    Стеллажное оборудование Иприс-Профиль, Харьков

    To minimize the risk of collision of warehouse equipment with rack frames during goods loading/unloading, “Ipris-Profil” also produces special protective elements: protective flat end guards, bumpers and guides for machinery.

    The cost reduction for drive-in racks is achieved by galvanized frames manufacturing. Lodgements are painted in bright colors. The loader driver should clearly see where he/she is installing the load, and minimize the contact of the rack with the loader.

    You can order the production of single-entry racks (LIFO principle) or double-entry racks (FIFO principle) in any convenient way:

    mobile: +38 (057) 763-66-01



    Rack height Upon request
    Section length Upon request
    Section depth Upon request
    Load on storage tier Up to 6000 kg
    Section load Up to 18000 kg
    Tier rearrangement intervals 50 mm
    Baulk width 1350 mm and more
    Coating types Powder paint, galvanization
    Standard colors Blue, orange, yellow
    Other colors Upon request


    Pallet racking design

    Frame is an integrated structure, consisting of two racks connected together with the help of horizontal and diagonal baulk. Stands are installed on the thrust plates, securely fixed to the floor by anchor bolts.

    Fig. Frame assembly diagram


    Traverse – a horizontal mount with hooks, hung on the holes in the racks. The type of the mount is selected based on the required load capacity for a couple of traverses. The length of the traverse depends on how many pallets are supposed to be installed on them (from two to four pieces) and are made upon request.

    Fig. Layout of pallets with freight on traverses

    shema_raspolojeniya_pallet_s_gruzom_na_traversah shema_raspolojeniya_pallet

    Pallet restrainers

    Restrainer are used to prevent pallets from falling from the back of the rack when they are installed by loaders on the traverses. The installation of restrainers on single rows is well-grounded (in double-row racks pallets of opposite rows mutually stop each other).


    The struts are used to increase the rigidity of the structure at height of more than 6000 mm.


    Rack protection

    When the loading equipment is moving bumps and jolts are inevitable. They may not only damage the rack, but also cause considerable financial damage.

    To protect the shelves from mechanical damage, the following elements are used:

    – bumpers: angular, wedge-shaped and П-shaped (central) ones;



    Metal bumpers are made of metal. They are 4 – 5 mm thick, and coated with powder paint. The bumpers are attached to the floor using anchor bolts.

    – protective flat end guards.



    Color solution

    The coloring of pallet racks is made by powder paint in standard colors (or any other colors upon cusomer’s request). Powder paint coating provides not only a presentable look, but also protection from corrosion.

    To facilitate and accelerate the loading and unloading, the traverses are painted in bright colors, such as red, yellow, orange.

    All the elements of the shelves are manufactured using “Ipris” equipment in accordance with the latest technologies from high-quality structural steels, accompanied by factory certificates, indicating the melting number, batch number, grade and category of steel, its chemical composition, mechanic

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