Archive long-span racks

Стеллажи для архива Иприс-Профиль
архивные стеллажи металлические Иприс-Профиль
Архивные стеллажи Иприс-Профиль
Архивно складской стеллаж Иприс-Профиль
Стеллажи для архива Иприс-Профиль
архивные стеллажи металлические Иприс-Профиль
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  • Archive racks IR-30 – quick-Assembly design, consisting of racks, thrust bearings and shelves, and does not require the use of bolts and nuts.Archive metal shelving allows to organize the storage facilities as efficiently as possible and provides constant access to business or archival papers, as well as can be used for storing small loads in boxes or piece by piece.


    Metal archive racks are able to withstand a load of up to 1000 kg per section.

    Our archive racks are already installed in offices, state and financial institutions, accounting departments, warehouses of cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye.

    Due to the special shape of the racks, archival metal racks can be mounted in any configuration:

    • “in line” of any length;
    • “back to back” to increase the depth;
    • “L-shaped”, inscribing in the corner of the room.

    полочный стеллаж сборный Иприс-Профиль

     архивные стеллажи Иприс-Профиль

    A wide range of sizes of shelves, on which depends the depth and length of the section make metal shelving archive and warehouse versatile and practical to use

     Sizes of shelves Load, kg
    length, mm depth, mm
     800  300  150
     800  400  200
     800  500  200
     800  600  250
     1000  300  100
     1000  400  150
     1000  500  150
     1000  600  200
     1200  300  80
     1200  400  120
     1200  500  120
     1200  600  150

    *The load on the section is not more than 1000 kg

    Archive racks are made of rolled steel (manufacturer – Ukraine) and can be both galvanized and painted with powder paint.

    Buy metal shelving archive at an affordable price from the manufacturer in Kharkov.

  • Collapside rack GOST 1640-77 ‘Collapside racks’ are meant for storing the cargo and are used in the region with design temperature from -40oC to +35 oC.


    shema_sborki_SI30 (1)shema_sborki_aps (1)

    The details of the structure are made of 3ps steel mark (GOST 1623-97, GOST 19904-90).

    Installation and reinstallation of the rack should be hold according to the requirements of a operating instruction added to the racks kit and according to the safety requirements of a significant factory where the rack is supposed to be set in.

    When installing the rack it is necessary to follow the operation guide and have all devices which could prevent their tipping over.

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