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Полочные складские стеллажи Иприс-Профиль
стеллажи с металлическими полками Иприс-Профиль
Стеллажи полки Иприс-Профиль
Складской стеллаж Иприс-Профиль
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  • Storage long-span racks SI-50 model, produced by ‘Ipris-Profil’ company, serves to store both light and heavy goods at a height to 7 m. The weight of a cargo on the long-span racks of this type may reach 4 000 kg.


    Стеллажи полки - Иприс-Профиль

    The main elements of a structure including moldings and shelves are usually chosen according to the weight of the cargo. Regulating process of the tray spacing is usually carried out depending on the the size of goods.

    схема сборки полочного стеллажасхема сборки полочного стеллажа 2

    Buying storage racks at reasonable prices is possible thanks to the ‘Ipris-profil’ company. Due to its own production capacities the factory is ready to customize the specific storage long-span racks which would be possible to use as the elements of the mezonin structures. The experts of the company may equip the rack systems with suitable accessories and paint the structures depending on the customer’s wishes.

  • The maximum safe load according to the length of two cross-arms, kg:


    pss_tabs_travers (1) pss_tabs (1)

  • The racks based on the SI50 posts are designed for high storage (up to 4 m).


    Main racks joints and elements

    The frame based on the SI50 post is a structure made of two posts connected with horizontal and diagonal bindings.

    The posts are made of steel open perforated profile with a 52 mm overall size. Two lines of mounting holes are supposed to be placed vertically on the posts every 37,5 mm.


    The post is based on a bearing which makes easier to work with a drill and fender and makes possible to choose the holes for bondings. It makes a specific sense if floor fittings or control joint is situated under some of a hole in a foot.

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