Cantilever shelving

Консольные стеллажи Иприс-Профиль цена
стеллаж консольный
стеллаж для труб
стеллаж для металла
консольный стеллаж иприс
консольный стеллаж иприс
стеллаж консольный
стеллаж консольный
стеллаж для труб
стеллаж для труб
стеллаж для металла
стеллаж для металла
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  • Console racks are designed for installation in production and storage facilities and storage on their metal coils, pipes, particleboard and other bulky materials. Cantilever differ from conventional shelving shelving uprights lack front which allows the products frontally load the entire length of the stack, the dimensions of the sections is not limited.


    This type of shelving allows you to:

    • store long goods, goods in containers and on pallets;
    • optimal use of space when stored long loads;
    • to carry out a fast and easy access to each type of load without breaking the storage system;
    • easy to vary the height of the storage tiers;
    • sort loads by type, length, weight, etc., to carry out the operational processing of the goods;
    • have a visual representation on the availability and amount of cargo.

    Advantages of cantilever racking “Ipris-profile”:

    • large variety of sizes allows you to approximate the geometry of the racking system to the requirements of any storage space;
    • rack design for each project is calculated individually, which guarantees a high degree of safety during their operation. Safety factor is 1.6;
    • production of racks made using the latest technology, which makes our products of high quality and durable with little time spent on manufacturing;
    • Company “Ipris-profile” has a painting line, which makes it possible to paint the elements of shelving any color (the color specified when ordering);
    • rack design allows adjustment of the consoles in height increments of 140mm, thus providing a more flexible sorting of goods by their nomenclature, length, weight, volume, etc. In the console, and the base has the ability to install limiters of different heights, in order to prevent rolling cargo, and transient bridges that serve as shelves for smaller loads;
    • One rack may be mounted console of different lengths, but not beyond the base.

    Instructions for assembly and installation of cantilever racks:

  • The total maximum permissible load on each side of a shelf rack

    Stack height, mm SAIN.539.00.000 (0.25 m), kg SAIN.538.00.000 (0.5 m), kg SAIN.528.00.000 (1 ton) kg
    3000 750 1500 3000
    3500 875 2000 3500
    4000 1000 2500 4000
    4500 1125 3000 4500
    5000 1250 3500 5000
    5500 1375 4000 5500
    6000 1500 4500 6000

  • KEY ELEMENTS Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever racks – a prefabricated structure consisting of vertical supports, the support arm and the bracing system. By the uprights are attached console increments of 140 mm, which allows to effectively regulate the load distribution system. Capacity console 250 … 1600. The height of the shelves varies from 1600mm to 6000mm.


    Front bearing member is the main rack and intended to be mounted on its other design elements. Sheets are made of a thickness of 3 and 4 mm.

     stoyki_konsol_stellagey Height,  mm  Load, kg
    1600…6000 250…6000

    When installing the racks in the line of the maximum permissible load on each side of the rack increases multiply mounted racks.

    On reception can be mounted console different lengths, but not beyond the base.


    Console – bearing element directly supports the load of cargo. Are fixed to the uprights of the rack. If necessary, you can change the level of attachment height consoles. Additionally equipped with limiters of different heights. 100 … 300 mm and transitional bridge.

    konsoli_konsol_stellagey  Length*, мм Capacity, kg
     650…1250 250…1600

    * -Under Length console should involve the maximum load size is installed on the console.

    When determining the number of consoles on shelves, to consider the overall maximum permissible load on each side of a shelf rack.


    Bases are used to attach the rack to the floor and placing the load on a lower level, can be produced for one-way and two-way use. Additionally equipped with limiters and transient bridges.

    osnovaniya_konsol_stellagey Length,мм
    bilateral One-way
     1700…3000  1100…1750


    The diagonal and horizontal ribs are constructive elements of bracing interconnecting the uprights.

    rebra_konsol_stellagey Step counters, mm

Convenience of long-length cargo storage

The absence of front racks on the shelves makes it possible to load products frontally along the entire length of the rack, not limited to the size of the sections

Easy access to the product

Individual access to each product in the rack system at any time

High storage compactness

Free space is maximum used between the storage levels

Versatility of the system

Allows you to change the configuration of the rack system or upgrade it depending on your needs

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Continuous production cycle
Individual approach
Innovative technologies
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