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стеллажи для торговли
паллетно-полочные стеллажи
стеллажи для супермаркетов
стеллажи для супермаркетов
торговые металлические стеллажи
Торговое оборудование CASH & CARRY
стеллажи для магазинов
стеллажи для магазинов иприс-профиль
стеллажи иприс-профиль купить украина
торговые стеллажи
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  • Shop fittings CASH & CARRY
    Using a pallet-shelving CASH & CARRY in large stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, implementing product or product group of products, enables efficient use of retail space, for sale as well as for storage. It is possible to successfully minimize the utility and storage space, save on their expensive lease.


    Shop fittings CASH & CARRY is made by “Ipris-Profil” in accordance with national and international standards.
    Features and benefits:
    The reliability and functionality;
    The versatility of use as windows and storage shelves;
    Easy maintenance of loading equipment;
    Powder painting of commercial shelving rack increases the service life of equipment, allowing harmonious and aesthetically fit shelves in branded interior of the store;

    The basis for the design of racks for CASH & CARRY supermarkets are the usual storage pallet racks, lower tiers which are equipped with a self-service retail storefronts and upper serve as a place of storage stocks. The height of shelves depends on the height of the room and desires of the customer. Packaging designs selected by the specificity of the store and the types of its products.
    Using a variety of accessories for shelving allows concisely, logically and with maximum benefit to place goods. This approach helps to correctly direct customer flows, accents on certain positions.
    Buying commercial metal shelving from the manufacturer with years of experience, you can be sure of excellent quality products and the best prices without middlemen markups.

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