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‘Ipris-profil’ is one of the leading rack system developers and manufacturers in Ukraine. One of the priority activities of the company is a trade-exhibition equipment production for floor coverings, including electrical linoleum and carpet paternoster elevators. This equipment is widely used for comfortable transportation, measuring and presentation of outlets in exhibition halls, at fairs and retail locations. This equipment makes possible to optimize the work of stuff, to provide a fast access to goods, to operate goods easy and safely. It is a sign of the prestige of the company which follows technological innovations. A reasonable price and retail space economy makes their acquiring economically sound. The floor coating display racks made by ‘Ipris-Profil’ company have several characteristics:

  • the maximum height is 5500 mm,
  • the maximum depth is 1675 mm,
  • the system’s width varies from 2970 mm to 5970 mm,
  • the maximum number of linoleum rolls is 26,
  • the maximum number of the carpet rolls is 14.

The paternoster elevators are made according to the size of rolls: 2000 mm, 3000 mm, 4000 mm, 5000 mm.  The maximum weight of a cargo put on the carpet booth 4500 mm high is 6000 kg, for the carpet booth 5500 mm high it’s 7800 kg, the maximum difference in weight between two paternoster elevator’s sides should not be more than 600 kg.

Linoleum and carpet trading racks are equipped with an electrical roll feed system. They work in the way that customers could change the distance between two beams in a pitch of 100 mm. ‘Ipris-profil’ produces the racks for floor coating according to the state-of-the-art technologies, keeping good quality-to-price ratio. Beside this, balanced sales system of the company allows buying the electrical paternoster elevators at factory prices.

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