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экспозитор для дверей Иприс-Профиль
экспозитор для межкомнатных дверей Иприс-Профиль
стенд для дверей Иприс-Профиль
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  • Expositors for doors – one of the most popular forms of trade and exhibition equipment, which develops and produces “Ipris-Profil”. They are now widely used to demonstrate the doors, in the networks of the DIY, DIY stores, as well as in specialized venues.


    Single Expositors for interior doors

    Designed for installation in the door assembly (with the frame) or to install a separate door leaf only. Stability doors provide two clamping height of 200 mm in the lower part of the structure.

    Unlike wooden counterparts metal Expositors “Ipris-Profil” can be used repeatedly, which poses a considerable economic benefit. But the main advantage is the ability to fix the damage without any demonstration of thickness from 19 mm to 110 mm. Fixing is done by moving the clamps.

    экспозиторы для дверей Иприс Харьков экспозитор для дверей Иприс Профиль

    The door leaf is inserted between the oppressors, who are moved to the center by means of the slide and fixed with two screws. This design allows you to control the force of impact on the door leaf. To completely eliminate the occurrence of dents, scratches or chips on the demo sample in clutching holes are provided for mounting the soft gasket.

    Floor Expositors for interior doors

    Overall dimensions of the structure:

    2550 x 2000 x 2200 mm

    Expositors consists of four sections. Each door 10 is designed for. Total – 40 samples.

    Such Expositors for doors allows to organize an exhibition-warehouse for the convenience of customers.

    Principle of operation:

    экспозиторы для межкомнатных дверей от Иприс Профиль

    Buyer takes liked the door without drawing a consultant and pay for the purchase.

    The main task to be solved by the use of in-store Expositors for doors, is to increase the commercial facility management and, consequently, increase its profitability.

    Expositors for interior doors on the basis of pallet racks


    These are Expositors

    design in the form of a power frame, in which the opening set with a box in the door assembly or door leaf.

    This kind of exposure makes it possible to open the door for the examination of the goods from all sides and access door to the warehouse, which is located directly on the rack shelves.

    экспозитор для межкомнатных дверей на базе паллетных стеллажей

    It is also possible to manufacture integrated pallet rack Expositors with sliding systems, operating on the principle wardrobe.

    Expositors for doors to buy favorably in Kharkov can be in “Ipris-Profil” (producer price).

    Stands for doors, production of “Ipris-profile”, set in the largest construction hypermarket in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk).

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