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мезонины для люстр
оборудование для продаж люстр украина
купить оборудование для продажи люстр
мезонины для люстр иприс-профиль
купить мезонины для люстр украина
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Мезонины для люстр
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  • Shelving mezzanines are often used in commercial buildings for demonstration chandeliers etc. lighting and the upper tiers of storage using a shelf storage with manual handling.



    To accommodate the chandeliers in the mezzanine shelving integrated grid for hanging hooks, and the distance between the columns reaching 6 meters allows to place in the aisles of shelves.

    Shelving mezzanine withstand increased loads on the slab to 1500 kg/m2, through a set of longitudinal and transverse elements positioned at a certain frequency.

    Mezzanine shelving must be absolutely safe for both staff and customers, so that each column is attached to the floor by 4 anchor bolts.

    Support columns have a square cross section.


    Mezzanine shelving are also used to accommodate office space on the upper levels.

    To reduce the used space mezzanine shelving share space on the free lower plane on which you can place manufacturing equipment or trade area, and the upper equipped office space, utility rooms or racks.

    When ordering mezzanine racks, the price will depend on many factors:

    • number of floors – from 2 to 4 levels;
    • load per square meter – 250 kg/m2 up to 1500 kg/m2;
    • materials for the pedestrian deck;
    • the height of the first level – up to 4 m;
    • step between the columns – from 2 m to 6 m.

    Designs and manufactures mezzanine shelving for each case individually, based on the requirements of the customer, taking into account the height of the room, the parameters of goods, etc.

    Made mezzanine delivered in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, or any other city in the disassembled and installed on-site installation teams.


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