Carriages for transportation of goods

    LLC “Ipris-profil” makes 2 types of tracks:

    – Trolley platform:

    – Trolleys for construction materials.

    The cart platform TP-02 is designed to move small and medium sized piece goods into bags and boxes for short distances in industrial, commercial, warehouse.

    trolleys frame is made of electric welding pipes of its own production “Ipris-profile.” The platform dimensions 700 x 1000 mm, made of sheet steel sheet. Forklift truck with a lifting platform saves space at the time when the trolley is not used.

    Manual platform truck is completed with 4 rubberized wheels, 200 mm in diameter. Two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels.

    Trolley for storage at a weight 37 kg has a capacity of up to 400 kg.

    Lenght, mm 1100 DSC_0107_12
    Height, mm 1050
    Width, mm 830
    Capacity, kg 400
    Wheel diameter, mm 200
    Platform, mm 700 х 1000
    Weight, kg 37

    Carriages for transportation of goods in the shops of building materials TP-03.

    This shopping trolley, but it is intended to move the drywall, pipes, baseboards, wallpaper, door panels and other materials from the shelves to the payment area. The design of this trolley is specially designed so that it was convenient to customers to make purchases and to take goods out of the store without using the services of loaders.

    The most common color used for trolleys blue, but you can order any other color of the RAL palette.

    Lenght, mm 1000 DSC_0101 copy
    Height, mm 1200
    Width, mm 650
    Capacity, kg 300
    Wheel diameter, mm 160
    Platform, mm 650 х 1000
    Weight, kg 40

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