Wire Mesh Containers for Shipping and Storage

Retailers have their own different methods of operating with cargo despite a rather typical work specifics. This is why our company often gets new orders on a custom design for equipment for pile and mesh storage, and also for shipping of piece cargo. “Ipris-Profil” company had gained a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of pallet […]


Retailers have their own different methods of operating with cargo despite a rather typical work specifics. This is why our company often gets new orders on a custom design for equipment for pile and mesh storage, and also for shipping of piece cargo. “Ipris-Profil” company had gained a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of pallet racks for storage and retail. In close cooperation with directors of logistics, retailers, and manufacturing enterprises we designed new types of storage equipment for our clients. In this article we prepared a brief overview of those types:

Wire mesh containers with wooden base

A construction with wire mesh sidewalls (overall size 800 х 1200 х 800 mm) and a wooden pallet as a base, is often in a high demand. When the pallet is connected to the mesh sidewalls, a rigid structure is formed, allowing stacking the packaged containers in 4 tiers. Such mesh containers are manufactured with cells with the size of 50 x 50 mm and 100 x 100 mm

A drop side is placed in the front part of a container. With its help, you can easily access the goods, and special holders prevent containers from sliding and, at the same time, ensure stability of the pile. This mesh container is convenient and reliable in operation thanks to its demountable construction, which allows transforming an empty container for efficient return of a container to a supplier as well as for a pile storage of the goods. The latter brings the following advantages:

In addition, a reliable design of mesh containers ensures safety during loading and unloading of goods as well as during warehouse work.

“Ipris-Profil” also manufactures mesh containers with a height of 1000 mm, 1600 mm, or 1800 mm, with two doors and shelves (load capacity of the shelf is 100 kg).

Pallet for automobile tires

Our company successfully stroked with a new assigned task from our customer, who needed a foldable container for transportation and storage of automobile tires of various sizes, which would also:

For maximum loading into an auto body, the way of stacking tires in a herringbone pattern is used. But due to the mobility of the tires during shipping, the entire pile can fall and cargo can be lost.

Our company has developed a pallet for automobile tires in order to complete this task. It consists of a bottom and two fold-back walls with tightening elements. The rearrangement of the tightening elements allows the shipping of tires  of both  large and small diameters. The base in the lower part has brackets for a fork-lifter to prevent sliding.

Pallets for automobile tires can be stacked with tires in it or empty, thanks to their design. It is allowed to stack in 3 tiers pallets with cargo (weigh up to 1000 kg per container). Folded and empty pallets can be stacked in 20 tiers. Stacking of pallets solves the problem of reducing the volumes occupied by empty containers when returning them for reuse.

The overall size of 2400 x 1240 x 2000 mm makes pallets optimal for full loading of the auto body. Although this type of pallet was designed specifically for the long-term storage and transportation of automobile tires of various diameters, it can also serve as a universal container.


Roll-containers are designed for distribution centers to optimize logistics processes and reduce the time for order picking and delivery.

Retailers on the large market admit that having their own warehouse, even without being a point of sale, brings a good profit to retail. Here are the points why:

In practice, the employees of the distribution center have some difficulties in arranging schedules of supply routes because of a wide range of product names. This creates a problem of empty shelves at the points of sale and full filling of shelves in the distribution center. Another problem is time because it is the most expensive thing which should be saved in the race for the customer as well as while minimizing costs. The main expenses for retail are for material flows, which include:

For retailers, the order and delivery of goods to the retail center takes place in the following way: the point of sale sends an order for goods to the distribution center. There, the order is completed on the pallet and sent to the store where pallets are unloaded from the car, transferred to platform carts or shopping carts and spread on shelves. The described processes take a considerable time to shift goods and for transport idle during unloading, and also involve a large amount of manual labor. Our company has developed roll-containers (wheel-based wire mesh containers) to solve these problems. With the help of roll-containers, the goods are loaded in the central warehouse and simply rolled into the car, and they are rolled out on arrival at the sales point. Further, the store employees deliver them to the right place, where the goods are placed directly on the shelves. Such ease of use provides a number of advantages, or, more precisely it:

For even more convenience, the company “Ipris-Profil” developed two types of roll-containers: nestable and drive-in (see photo).

Nestable roll-containers

Nestable roll-container is a sectional construction, consisting of a wheel base with the overall size of 700 x 790 mm and sidewalls. The number of walls can vary from 2 to 4. The height of the nestable roll-containers varies from 1350 mm to 1750 mm.

Empty roll-containers are stacked in 2 piles: wheel bases and sidewalls separately. The maximum load on the base is up to 300 kg, and it is also possible to manufacture roll-containers with greater load-carrying capacity.

Additional elements for completing:

Type of coating: galvanized surface or powder paint coating.

 Drive-In containers

Drive-in roll-containers also consist of a wheel base and sidewalls, but differs from the previous type by its base which can be adjusted by height and shifted to the center of the wall. Thanks to this addition, the drive-in roll-containers can be stored one in one, just like the shopping trolleys, reducing the storage space  by 2 times in comparison with containers with goods.

 At the moment, roll-containers are designed with the overall size of 670 x 790 x 1790 mm and a loading capacity of 450 kg with galvanized coating. In addition to a roll-container, you can include a door, a lifting shelf, identification plates in the design. It is also possible to produce roll-containers with penetration protection.

Dear colleagues, we are striving for cooperation and partnership. We are sure that it will be mutually beneficial and effective.

 We are interested in your ideas and suggestions!  

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