The diversity of the goods stored in a warehouse may be unclear for a non-professional in the retail. However, those who have such business know that the abundance and diversity of cargoes requires a rational arrangement, and when everything is in boxes, then on pallets and in bags, it is rather difficult to quickly find and pack goods.

складской полочный стеллаж_3  мезонинные стеллажи для помещений

A warehouse is an integral part for many companies, because stocks of raw materials and materials for production, as well as finished goods need to be placed somewhere. Therefore, the designers of “Ipris-Profil” do not stop working on new types of equipment for warehouse storage and improvement of the old solutions as well. The designation of the cargo, the optimal method and rationality of the location of goods, as well as the protection of goods are taken into account while designing new models of racking.

набивные стеллажи харьков для склада фронтальные стеллажи для большого клада иприс

It may seem that the storage of goods has nothing to do with their further realization. However, when the business owner decides to arrange goods in his warehouse, there are two ways of doing it: either carelessly place the goods and, as a result, lose an impressive amount of money due to their damage, or carefully think through and get the maximum profit, while guaranteeing the excellent quality of goods for its customers. All owners understand how important is the second approach of working with the goods, and then they have to study the specifics of the design of racking types, look for specialized literature, understand the  grades of steel and the limits of its fluidity, or they can turn to professional manufacturers who solve such problems of cargo storage on a full scale.

паллетные стеллажи для гипермаркета

When working with professional manufacturers, it is important to cooperate with them to determine the frequency and volume of goods shipment, the optimal methods of equipment, the conditions of their shipments, etc. In order to choose the optimal type of racking and save your money, designers will need to find out the type of cargo, its weight, overall dimensions, availability of loading equipment, flatness of floors, availability of beams and floors in the warehouse and much more.

fifo стеллажи иприс профиль набивные стеллажи от производителя иприс

Different types of goods need different storage technologies and our company cares much to make the racking according to the all the customer’s requirements. For example, a warehouse has sections of short-term and long-term storage: there are goods with a limited shelf life in the first sections, and goods of a long or unlimited shelf life on the second one. When a client visits our website, studies a certain type of racking and leaves us an application, then the coordination and preparation of the project is on, so that the client does not overpay, but, on the other hand, gets the necessary load-carrying capacity and reliability for the rack.

набивные стеллажи от иприс профиль аксессуары для стеллажей DIY

If you still want to check for yourself and decide which racks are necessary for you (front racks, drive-in, mezzanine, mezzanine on columns, combined, cantilever, warehouse, archive or self-supported warehouse), then contact “Ipris-Profil”. In addition, we suggest to pay your attention to the equipment we produce for the storage warehousing: mesh containers, roll-containers, atypical solutions for transportation, frames, pallets. You can purchase all this list of equipment of standard sizes or order its production according to individual parameters.

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