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  • Shelves of metal racks are used for open storage for easy access to the goods. Shelves for storage racks differ in the type, material, load characteristics, method of mounting on traverses.


    LLC “Ipris-Profil” offers even during the negotiation phase of the project construction of the rack shelves are several options:

    – Patterned metal shelves;

    – Solid shelves made of MDF, particleboard, OSB.

    In warehouses with high requirements for fire safety, we recommend the use of perforated metal shelves. When triggered, automatic fire extinguishing systems, such shelf allows the flow of water to reach the hearth fire along the shortest path with the least damage to the goods (the water does not stagnate on the shelves).

    перфорированные полки для стеллажей

         It has similar properties solid wire shelves. Mesh shelves are mounted on racks with the crossbeams. The beams do not give such shelves sag and provide the necessary stiffness and load capacity.


    Metal shelves splicers can be overlaid or embedded in a manner to traverse the rack installation. Typesetting shelves advantage compared with whole – production in size and high rigidity of each shelf individually to ensure uniform distribution of weight over the entire surface.

    наборные-вложенные полки для стеллажей

    Corrosion protection is achieved shelves made of galvanized rolled steel or powder coated.

    To reduce the cost of metal typesetting rack shelf boards can be replaced.

    дощатые полки для стеллажей

    Solid shelves made of MDF, chipboard, OSB, by the method of mounting on traverses, can be nested or overhead.

    Nested shelves

    МДФ полки для стеллажей иприс

    Overhead shelves

    OSB полки для стеллажей

    Shelves production “Ipris-Profil” does not require the installation of additional fasteners.

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