Metallic poles for vineyards


опоры для винограда иприс профиль
шпалера для винограда Харьков Иприс-Профиль
столбики для винограда Харьков, Иприс-Профиль
стойки для винограда Харьков
опоры для винограда иприс профиль
столбы для винограда харьков
шпалера для винограда Харьков Иприс-Профиль
столбики для винограда Харьков, Иприс-Профиль
стойки для винограда Харьков
виноградные опоры с чертежами производитель Иприс-Профиль, Харьков
металлическая опора виноградная иприс профиль
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  • The production of vineyards trellises is one of the main specializations of the “Ipris-Profil” company.


    The main advantage of building a metal trellis for vineyards is to reduce annual maintenance work on these trellises, respectively, reducing costs and increasing the life duration of the vineyard, compared with traditional methods.

    In early 2013, another type of line (intermediate) poles for vineyards was added to our vineyard poles product line. It is the type with an external hook. Such poles are produced in two sizes. Today, Ipris-Profil produces one type of end poles and four of the line ones.

    металлическая опора виноградная иприс профильвиноградная опора с крючками

    Line Poles

    Line poles can be with either external or internal hooks. Hooks serve to form a trellis system. The distance between the hooks is 10 cm.

    Ipris-Profil” sells vineyard trellises of any length.






    Концевая опора виноград от Иприс ПрофильEnd Poles

    End poles are made only with external hooks at 10 cm c\c.

    The end poles should always be installed 10-20 cm deeper than the first or last line pole.

    Vineyard trellis poles can be of any length.

    Regardless of the pole type chosen, the distance between trellises for vines should be less than 5 m, otherwise, the wires will heavily vibrate during the wind and will experience excessive loads. In case the area is affected by strong wind, the distance between poles should be even more reduced.

    You can install trellises for vines, either manually or with the help of a pole-setting machine. Steel trellises are recommended to lay a little deeper than the wooden ones.

    Metal vineyard poles are suitable for all existing types of bindings and can be used in any climatic conditions.



    • Large selection of products for all types of binding;
    • Various lengths available on request;
    • All our poles are galvanized.


    Special HD galvanizing

    Our metal profiles are characterized by special hot-dip galvanizing. This method is developed by us and it allows us to apply a layer of zinc with a density of 60-70 μg (about 850 g/m2) and thus achieve a durability of the trellises exceeding 30 years.

    Complete galvanization means that each metal profile is hot-dip galvanized: after making the pole, it is dipped in a zinc bath at 450°C.


    Standard galvanizing

    Also, we produce metal profiles with standard galvanizing. With this method of manufacturing, the edges of the steel strip and the cut edges are usually not galvanized. Unlike HD galvanizing, standard galvanizing does not guarantee the durability of the products of 30 years.


    Galvanisation durability

    Whichever galvanizing process is used, the zinc consumption at the soil level is approximately 1-1.5 μg per year. For a fully galvanized pole, the longevity of the coating is approximately 45 years.

    The service of the rusting pole for vines is about 1-5 years, depending on the aggressivity of the soil.

    While storing the poles become dull, over time a protective film forms on the surface of the zinc layer, on which the durability of the zinc coating depends. If the coating on steel has only been applied, zinc does not yet form a film on the surface, since the chemical reactions, which are necessary to form a protective film, need some time.

    1. Corrosion phase 2Zn + O2 = 2Zn O
    2. Hydration phase 2Zn = 2H2O + O2 = 2Zn (OH) 2
    3. Carbonization phase 5Zn (OH) 2 = 2CO2 + 2Zn CO3.   3Zn (OH) 2 + 2H2O

    In the last phase, at a temperature below 100° C, zinc dims, becoming covered with a film of basic carbonates. Thus, the protective film consists of layers of oxide, hydroxide and zinc carbonate.

    Make sure that the pole area, which will be immersed in the ground, is several times wet and dried well. You can accelerate this process by wetting your inclined pile of poles. Alternate exposure to the surface of zinc, air, and water provides a layer of gray patina.

    Ipris-Profil” company sells vineyard trellises at favorable prices in Ukraine.

    Certification of the products was carried in accordance to the USSR product standards in the State owned enterprise “Kharkivstandartmetrologiya” – the certification body for the products of the state enterprise of the Kharkov Regional Research and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

    концевые опоры оптом от иприс профиль

  • Lenght, cmThe recommended depth of bookmarks, cm
    180 55

    виноградные столбики размеры Иприс Профиль, Харьков

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