“Ipris-profil” specializes in the manufacturing of metal profiles, particularly, of vineyards galvanized trellises. Rows of vineyards trellises with wires are usually set along the vine bushes.

Vineyards trellises from the manufacturer 

A complex mechanization of the technological processes implementation such as soil cultivation, fertilization, harvesting, subsoiling, and others is necessary to increase the efficiency of the grape production and reduce costs.

These processes are possible with the trellis system of plant poles. “Ipris-Profil” company produces metal trellises that are galvanized metal profiles with stamped-out hooks. Hooks are necessary for hanging wires. Following the technology for grapevines on metal trellises, the wire should be removed from the hooks, and in the spring the wire has to be re-hung, without damaging the plants. This technology is rarely used in the traditional method due to workload.

Vineyard trellises made of rolled metal have several advantages:

  • Durability of corrosion resistant coating is 50-70 years;
  • Easy installation and replacement;
  • Low weight;
  • Allowance to implement mechanization for plantation care.

Here is a comparative analysis of the durability and reliability of the trellises based on trellises of wood and reinforced concrete.

Reinforced concrete trellis for vineyards

Advantage: a rather low price.

Disadvantages: standard length of 2.4 m; heavy and fragile; can damage equipment during collisions.

Wooden trellis for vineyards

Advantage: a low price.

Disadvantages: Durability is 12-15 years; wood consumption per 1 ha of vineyard taking into account a waste of 30-35 m3; hardwood only; it is advisable to use in places with wooded terrain. 

Metal (galvanized) trellis for vineyards

Metal vineyard poles, made up to 3 meters in length, have a long service life, hooks for wire hanging, low weight, and high durability, which is very important for transportation, loading and unloading. It is designed in such a way that during the collision the trellises damp the impact energy and the equipment remains not damaged. All this makes the transfer of viticulture to intensive, low-cost energy, and resource-saving technologies that increase durability, productivity, and product quality possible.

Trellises for vineyards: manufacturing and sale.

Vineyards trellises are manufactured up to customer’s requirements taking into account the length, section profile, galvanization thickness, the construction of hooks. The price for galvanized vineyards trellises is higher than for reinforced concrete or wood ones, but the durability of galvanization is 50-70 years (in contrast, of wooden ones is 12-15 years). Profitability is obvious.

Vineyards trellises can be sold out in a wholesale starting from 1000 pcs.

You can buy vineyards trellises from the manufacturer from anywhere in Ukraine, whether it is Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye or Dnepropetrovsk. Vineyards trellises, produced by “Ipris-Profil”, are already installed in the vineyards of Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Germany, and Lebanon.

The products have a compliance certificate based on the test results of the State Enterprise Kharkivstandardmetrology.

Ask your questions to specialists by this phone number: +38 (057) 763-66-03

Collectors who grow the currant and gooseberry with such trellises ascertained that the set of berries increases to 5-10% during the pollination, the yield is increased by 40 % and the number of berries increased by 28 %. The level of plants with diseases (anthracnose and septoria) decreased because plants stay in better airing. Another advantage of currants and gooseberries cultivation using metal bars for the trellises is increasing the yield by 2 times due to the increase in the density of planting. The illumination of plants with trellises increased by 30%, that is why a high density of planting does not affect the net productivity of photosynthesis.

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